2015 State Realignment Plan

AIA National Core Member Service Plan

Why do we need core member services?

  • Survey’s and interviews revealed the AIA’s complexity was confusing for members to access what they need.
  • The AIA set 10 priorities based on the results of these interviews, three of which focus on the health and effectiveness of AIA components: component autonomy versus unity; component structure; and lack of tier coordination.
  • AIA needs to evolve to remain relevant and essential in order to best serve its members and the architecture profession and focus its resources and energy on the key things that matter most to members.

How can we best serve the members?

  • Provide a consistent experience for all members, while aligning financial resources and service capacity to ensure AIA membership is valuable and relevant.
  • Enable all members to receive the same core benefits including continuing education events and classes, meetings, fellowship and knowledge.  This broad member-centric approach will provide higher quality resources for members throughout the state.

 What is Realignment in Michigan?

  • The first step in an ongoing effort to better serve the members.
  • An opportunity to eliminate administrative redundancies
  • Free up our best asset (member volunteers, board of directors members and staff)
  • Strengthen our ability to focus more resources statewide and locally on
    • OutreachEducate potential clients, industry partners and future generations of the essential roles architects play
    • AdvocacyPosition architects as leaders in shaping public policy affecting the profession and the built environment
    • Knowledge: Position ourselves to elevate the knowledge and expertise of our members.
  • Take advantage of technological advancements to provide continuing education, volunteer opportunities and increased engagement for members throughout the state.

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Town Hall Webinar Videos

May 20: Lawrence Tech., Southfield

May 27: Kendall College, Grand Rapids

The website will be continually updated through the realignment process.

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