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bosch Architecture, Kalamazoo, MI
  6.12.2018 bosch Architecture is seeking an Architect/Project Manager. To learn more about bosch Architecture visit

Abonmarche Consultants Inc, Benton Harbor, MI/ South Bend, IN
  6.11.2018 Abonmarche is seeking a Architecture Project Manager and an Architectural Designer/Graduate Architect. To learn more about Abonmarche visit

JPRA Architects, Farmington Hills, MI
  6.11.2018 JPRA Architects is seeking a Project Architect. To learn more about JPRA Architects visit

Norr, Detroit, MI
  6.4.2018 NORR Architects is seeking a Project Manager, Intermediate Architect/Designer, and a Designer. To learn more about NORR visit

Robert J. Tobin and Assoc. Inc., Warren, MI
  6.4.2018 Robert J. Tobin and Assoc. Inc. is seeking to share or sell their successful practice. Please send your expressions by email: 

Cornwell Architects, Traverse City, MI
  6.4.2018 Cornwell Architects is seeking an Architect-Project ManagerTo learn more about Cornwell Architects  visit

TowerPinkster, Grand Rapids, MI
  6.4.2018 TowerPinkster is seeking an Architectural Designer and a Project ArchitectTo learn more about TowerPinkster visit

Flad Architects, Madison, WI
  6.4.2018 Flad Architects is seeking a Project ManagerProject Architect and Architects. To learn more about Flad Architects visit

Davis & Davis Interior Design, Farmington Hills, MI
  6.4.2018 Davis & Davis Interior Design is seeking a Space Planner. To learn more about Davis & Davis Interior Design visit

Stantec Architecture, Berkley, MI
  5.29.2018 Stantec Architecture is seeking a Project Manager and a Senior Design Architect. To learn more about Stantec Architecture visit

HED, Detroit, MI
  5.29.2018 HED is seeking a Senior Project Architect. To learn more about HED visit

Hoyt Architects, Sarasota, FL
  5.22.2018 Hoyt Architects is seeking a Project Architect. To learn more about Hoyt Architects  visit

Wightman, Benton Harbor, MI
  5.21.2018 Wightman is seeking a Kalamazoo Regional Manager-Architecture and an Architectural Project Coordinator. To learn more about Wightman visit

NSA Architects, Engineers, Planners, Farmington Hills, MI
  5.21.2018 NSA Architects, Engineers, Planners is seeking a Project Architect, a Senior Electrical Engineer and an Architect - Construction Administration.  To learn more about NSA Architects, Engineers, Planners visit


  • Associate AIA Member Seeking: Resume
  • Seeking Summer Internship in Huron Valley/Detroit areas: Resume

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